About Us

Who We Are

A-Networks is a pioneering company with a rich legacy of innovation and a proven track record in the IT infrastructure and security sector since its establishment in 2012. We identified a unique opportunity in a landscape where information security was largely monopolized by a few. Driven by a strong belief in our potential to be a catalyst for change, we dedicated ourselves to introducing disruptive technologies that enable businesses to transcend their limitations and better serve their clientele. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology solutions and exceptional service quality has not only facilitated the digital transformation of businesses but also positioned us as market leaders in the industry. Today, our solutions are embraced by prominent institutions in Sri Lanka, spanning sectors such as banking, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and enterprises across diverse verticals. These revolutionary solutions impart a high level of security, flexibility, and sustainable revenue growth, fostering an ecosystem of innovators around our customers.

Our Journey

Our remarkable journey as A-Networks commenced with humble beginnings, boasting a team of just three individuals, each bringing more than a decade of industry experience to the table. From this modest start, we have experienced exponential growth, expanding our reach into various business verticals and fostering a dedicated team of over 30 skilled professionals. In a span of just ten years, we have successfully completed over 400 implementations and earned a solid base of 200+ loyal customers. Our unwavering commitment to helping our clients discover uncharted market spaces has led to rapid growth, supported by a network of over 40 partners. Our story is one of continuous evolution, marked by a transition from a small startup to one of the top five solution providers in our industry. We have established highly skilled teams of technologically advanced experts, cultivating a collaborative and modern office environment that underpins our journey towards success. At our core, we are guided by our values, which embody our purpose and serve as the driving force behind our confident and customer-focused service.

Our Values

We are driven by the collective pursuit of success as a unified entity.
We are driven by the collective pursuit of success as a unified entity.
We are dedicated to encouraging our people to unlock their full potential.
We approach every task with an unrelenting passion for excellence.
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Our Vision
We aspire to be a trailblazing ICT solutions provider that places innovation and customer-centricity at the core of our mission.
Our Mission
Our mission is to craft transformative information technology solutions with unwavering passion, always prioritizing the best interests of our clients to deliver the highest level of satisfaction.
Our Culture
Our organizational culture finds its foundation in the values that we steadfastly uphold.

Achievements and Recognitions

Our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to our clients and partners have earned us numerous accolades and recognition in our industry. These achievements reflect our continuous pursuit of innovation and the exceptional quality of our services. Explore the awards and honors that validate our commitment to delivering excellence in every endeavor.